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This is Katie, a carefree and outgoing individual with an amazing heart and a curiosity for adventure.  You would never guess that three years ago she was fighting for her life after falling victim to a random act of evil by a stranger.  She had been sitting on a curb admiring the sunrise with a friend, who stepped away for a minute. An unknown individual attacked her, stabbing her 21 times all over her body and left her to die.  The twisted individual later admitted she did it just because she wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone. Katie, being both a nurse and a fighter, crawled back into her friend’s house where she instructed her friend how to administer first aid while waiting for emergency services. 

“If I had a dollar for every close call your daughter had, I could take you out to eat,” the doctor told her parents after the operation.  The tendons in her dominant left hand had been cut, making it a possibility that she would not be able to go back to nursing. Yet, she persisted and was able to regain movement back in her fingers through full rehab. The damage to her quads wasn’t as extensive but she still had to go through rehab to walk again.  The nerve pain is still there, throughout her entire body where her stab wounds are located.

After going through so much physical trauma and having to fight to have the ability to perform basic daily functions, she does not take having full ability back in her body for granted. She now pushes her body and herself in almost any sport you can think of, having biked across the country over 2,000 miles in 5 weeks, started rock climbing(which is a big accomplishment considering she didn’t know she would regain function in her hands at one point), and most recently participated in a triathlon.  She not only became physically stronger but mentally too. Katie has the mentality of wanting to live life and love with nothing held back. She lives her life fully, courageously, and confidently. She could have understandably hid because of what happened to her but she used it to propel her forward and to live life with no regrets. She is one of the most inspiring and beautiful souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her optimistic and bubbly personality makes anyone she talks to feel important. She currently works as a travel nurse, where she often finds herself in new places, not knowing anyone.  This being a huge challenge to some, she embraces and immerses herself into the culture and the people. She doesn’t stop, constantly in motion, eager to experience and explore the world around. She understands how precious life is and therefore takes it at full speed.. Years after the incident, Katie has taken a traumatizing event and has managed to turn it into something beautiful. Her scars are hard to see but she wears them with strength and pride, tattooed as a reminder of the day she didn’t let break her, but make her.


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