Corinn & Lena Groom

{Corinn} Welcome to our page!! We’re two sisters from the Midwest who have a passion for going to new places and meeting new people. We’re each others favorite travel buddy, we go together like peanut butter and jelly, mac n cheese, ranch and anything because ranch goes with literally everything. As much as we work together we’re also opposites. I’m day, she’s night…but it works. We grew up in Illinois with a loving and encouraging family. At a young age, my dad told us we could be anything we wanted to be in the world. Naturally I chose power puff girl. Although that did not happen, we’ve kept that same mentality that we could be anything we wanted. The sky is the limit, especially when we team up together which is why we’ve created this website.
Lena works as a travel nurse which has led us to living in Hawaii! A beautiful place full of inspiration and spirit. Watching Lena work as a travel nurse I see that it is both an amazing opportunity and equally a draining one. She has to essentially start over in a place every 3-6 months. The challenges that come with that are tiring on her but the sunshine and amazing people she meets make it all worth while!

So what’s our goal here?
I eat sleep and breathe art. I wake up from a dream about art, only to start creating art. I’m just trying to make you understand how it runs through me, to the point of not being able to focus on the rest of life sometimes. (Both a good and bad quality.) My passions are photography, singing, drawing, and writing. Our goal is to use this page as a way to take you along with us on our journeys. I want to create photographs and drawings that help you feel like you’re there with us. The photographs showing you the places, and the drawings embodying a sense of the spirit of the place by using materials in that city. I know that not everyone can get up and take these trips like we are, due to daily responsibilities. Therefore I promise I will do my best to take you alongside us.

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